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    Anatolikos Greek Traditional Tavern, Alykes, Zakynthos

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    ....next to the sea...

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    Enjoy delicious dishes...

Built by the sea, the tavern ' Anatolikos' waiting to welcome its visitors.
With respect to the
old local recipes, with pure raw materials, rich flavors and fragrance in food, the visitor enjoys moments full of magic and local color.

The view of the beach and the sea air in conjunction with good local wine and taste genuine food come alive and lay unconscious emotions.
The tavern '
Anatolikos' was founded in 1993 and has established itself as one of the best Greek tavernas on the island, offering excellent quality authentic Greek food in combination with affordable prices and friendly service.

Our Tavern is open from early morning until late at night, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and a great variety of drinks and local zakynthian wines.

You can find us next to the square of Alykes. We have ample private parking for our guests and playground for our little friends.

The restaurant staff always friendly and helpful staff will make you feel at home and enjoy your food as you wish.

Greek Traditional Tavern 'Anatolikos'. 
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